Cross-border legal advice: Austria to Switzerland

Cross-border legal advice: Austria to Switzerland

Teaming up for success, across borders

Legal issues and problems do not stop at borders. Cross-border legal advice has become indispensable, not least because of international connection between markets. We see our work with and for our clients as a team game – only together, and with the best line-up, can we successfully reach our goal. hba is at your service in Switzerland, with experienced and committed teams of lawyers.

With our strong network, we also support our clients in cross-border matters.

Cross-border issues often involve onerous requirements, especially for the management of businesses. Thanks to our long-standing work in Austria and Switzerland, we can support you with an extensive network and specific knowledge of the laws applicable in both jurisdictions. With our diverse experience in effective enforcement of your legal interests in Austria and Switzerland, we provide support and advice to our clients as a competent counterpart. Our longstanding, highly qualified and reliable partners remain focused on your interests and accompany us in close, profitable and proven cooperation.

Our services include: