Restructuring, reorganisation, insolvency

Financial and structural crisis situations in companies require careful, considered Actions.

Whether via organisational or legal amendments or restructuring measures, we will identify the correct actions for both debtors and creditors in a crisis or insolvency situation.

Our extensive experience and expertise has shown that restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency may prove to be blessings in disguise. It is also true that, if taken together, seemingly bold steps can be taken quite easily.

We guide our clients through the heights of financial difficulty and questions of personal liability. We help companies of all sizes to develop sustainable strategies for reorganisation or financial restructuring.

We represent banks in restructuring, in the enforcement of claims and the realisation of securities. As experienced insolvency administrators, we ensure fair procedures and fair reconciliation of financial assets. Last but not least, we assist our clients in the acquisition of businesses in bankruptcy. The end result is always a highly effective solution – and the best possible future.

Our services

  • Restructuring and reorganisation of national and international businesses
  • Advice on and implementation of refinancing
  • Restructuring of debt and credit
  • Enforcement of claims and security before and during insolvency
  • Representation in appellate proceedings
  • Acquisition of companies in bankruptcy
  • Representation in insolvency proceedings