Neue Spielregeln für die Elektrizitätsbinnenmärkte

Die Presse, 24.05.2023
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Investitionen in Unternehmen werden attraktiver

Die Presse; 13. Dezember 2023
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Bodenschutz durch Klimaklagen?

Die Presse; 18.10.2023
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Beobachtung zum Rechtsschutz bei verwaltungsnahen Verträgen

Festschrift für Franz Merli (2023/1. Auflage), S.199.

BörseG 2018 MAR Kommentar

Mitautor in Gruber, BörseG 2018 MAR Kommentar Band I: §§ 124-129, 1. Auflage, Wien 2020


in Handbuch Compliance (3. Auflage 2019)

The Applicability of Antitrust Principles for the Determination of the Geographic Competitive Relationship under UWG

commercial law, RdW 2022, 88, booklet 2 18.02.2022

Practical guide to transport law

3rd updated & expanded edition, Kitzler Verlag (2022)
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Vienna comment to the corporate code, appendix VII: CMR, edited by Dr. Robert Miklauschina

edited by Dr. Robert Miklauschina

Vienna Comment to the corporate code, forwarding business, §§ 407-414, edited by Mag. Lukas Honzak

edited by Mag. Lukas Honzak

Double publication and preclusion in construction proceedings

bbl 2021, 125 (with G. Eisenberger & Tauß-Grill)
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Tscherner / Schwarzenegger

Relative testamentary incapacity: revocation of a legacy as a gift to legal heirs

(Note to 2 Ob 84/20x), ecolex 2021, 813
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Interest rate risk of the sublessor is passed on to the principal lessor

Immolex 2021/180: LGZ Wien 15.9.2021, 40 R 99/21 m

Drivers, accumulation principle and complaints against the Posting of Workers Directive new

ecolex 06/2021, 569 ff (Resource:­document/rdb.tso.LIecolex20210655)
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/ Fadinger / Lukow / Seeber

Practical Guide to Execution Law

/ Brunner / Fadinger / Seeber

Civil liability of managing directors

in Sindelar (ed.), Handbuch für Kreditinstitute (2021) 531
/ Brunner / Seeber

Strategic digitization in cross-border business using the example of the real estate industry

in Wohlschlägl-Aschberger (ed.), Handbuch Strategie und strategisches Management (2020) 579
/ Kunz / Chladek

Conflicts of interest on the Supervisory Board. An Excursion into Austrian Corporate Law.

in Festschrift Eberhard Vetter, (2019) 377
/ Seeber-Grimm / Seeber

Are conversations allowed to be recorded

Kurier 08.07.2019
/ Chladek / Seeber

Return of Deposits: The bank’s duty to inquire and verify can not be overstretched

GesRZ 2019/6
/ Chladek / Seeber

Neither too much nor too little deletion; GDPR allows data retention as long as a limitation period is running

Der Standard 02.06.2019

How heirs can outsmart themselves

Rechtspanorama DiePresse print edition from 02.08.2021
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Public liability in practice

in Eisenberger/Ladeck (ed.), Graz, 2018

Important remedies and deadlines in civil proceedings

in Eisenberger/Eichmeyer/Ladeck (ed.), Graz, 2018

Who owns the game animal?

Bayer/Schaffgotsch/Ladeck, RdU 2018, 108
/ Rudorfer

Effects of the negative or low interest rate environment on the banking and insurance industry

WiPol 2017, 505
Wieser / Pateter

Injunction execution against legal persons – On the imposition of prison sentences on administrators of corporate bodies

in Clavora/Kapp/Mohr (ed.), Insolvenz- und Sanierungsrecht sowie Exekutionsrecht, annual 2017

No right of action of the community of owners in the case of claims arising from the right of ownership of the co-owners

Immolex 06/2017, 181 ff

On the Inadmissibility of the Additive Procedure in Circular Resolution Proceedings

Immolex 01/2017, 17 ff

The amicable termination of employment relationships

ÖGB Verlag (2016)
Ruß / Löschnigg

Commercial collective agreement 2014

3rd edition (2016), 2nd. edition (2014)
Astner / Pateter

Thoughts on similarities and differences of the illegal return of contributions, insolvency avoidance

in Clavora/Kapp/Mohr (ed.), Annual Insolvenz- und Sanierungsrecht 2016, NWV Verlag GmbH, 259 ff
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Implementation of the revision of the Transparency Directive

Der Gesellschafter 01/2016, 38 ff
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Ruß / Löschnigg / Oriseg

The termination of employment relationships with the University

zfhr 2014, 1

Decision note to OGH 24.01.2013, 8 ObA 76/12b

ZAS 2014, 31

The course of the preliminary ruling procedure pursuant to Art 267 AEUV

in Clavora/Garber (ed.), Das Vorabentscheidungsverfahren in der Zivilgerichtsbarkeit (2014) 119-147
Saurer / Hartlieb / Zollner

SWK Special Foundation Privileged GmbH

Linde Verlag (2014)
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Saurer / Uhl

Accounting for GmbH & Co KG

Wirtschaftsblatt 05.03.2014
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Decision note to OGH 28.08.2013, 6 Ob 59/13i

(Resolution contestation), AnwBl 2014, 96
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Decision note to OGH 19.12.2012, 6 Ob 233/12a

(Interpretation of social pick-up rights), AnwBl 2013, 329
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Liability risks of the municipality in case of floods

RFG Recht & Finanzen für Gemeinden, 12/2013, 177 ff
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The position of shareholders under labor law

JAP, 2013/1/2014

Decision note to 19.12.2012, 6 Ob 235/12w

(Purchase of shares, warranty, rescission of error), AnwBl 2013, 330

Decision note to OGH 16.11.2012, 6 Ob 47/11x

(On corporate reorganization and the obligation to make additional contributions), AnwBl 2013, 268
Saurer / Lausegger

Natural gas levy compensation for combined heat and power plants VwGH finally provides clarity on calculation method

taxlex 2013, 110

Decision note to OGH 22.02.2012, 6 Ob 97/12a

(On the registration of the managing director of a predecessor company in the commercial register), AnwBl 2013, 7

Decision note to OGH 16.02.2012, 6 Ob 203/11p

(On the entrepreneurial qualification of a corporation & Co), AnwBl 2013, 7

Decision note to OGH 29.09.2011, 8 ObA 52/11x

jusIT 2012, 12

Capital Market Compliance

in Handbuch Compliance (2nd edition 2012) 123

Decision note to OGH 13.03.2012, 10 ObS 168/11w

jusIT 2012, 170

Comment §§ 48-56, 60, 100 f, 122-124 AktG

in Doralt/Nowotny/Kalss (ed.), Kommentar zum Aktiengesetz (2012)

Labor relations and European Freedoms

sellier european law publishers München, 2012

Considerations on the capitalization of the GmbH and AG with special regard to the outsourced legal entities in the area of “services of general interest

in FS-Jud (2012) 549

Decision note to OGH 18.07.2011, 6 Ob 33/11p

(On the prohibition of return of deposits), AnwBl 2012, 304

Decision note to OGH 17.12.2010, 6 Ob 244/10s

(On the right of potential beneficiaries to file an application pursuant to § 35 (4) PSG), AnwBl 2011, 25

Fundamentals and current issues of capital market compliance

Compliance Praxis 2011, 33

Decision note to OGH 19.03.2010, 6 Ob 169/09k

(On the prohibition of voting in the case of a GmbH), AnwBl 2010, 399

Decision note to OGH 19.11.2008, 3 Ob 172/08b

(Pledge and order of freehand sale of the business share), AnwBl 2010, 6

Decision note on Austrian Supreme Court 01.10.2008, 6 Ob 132/08t

(Registration of a contribution including an addendum), AnwBl 2009, 255

Decision note to OGH 02.04.2009, 8 Ob 141/08f

(Post-contractual non-competition clause of an assigning shareholder), AnwBl 2009, 469
Zierler / Ehrke-Rabel

Income attribution for “highly personal” activities – Four example cases on the scope of the amendment in marginal no. 104 EStR

SWK 2009, 423

Decision note to OGH 21.02.2008, 6 Ob 11/08y

(On the Limits of the GmbH Shareholder's Right to Information), AnwBl 2009, 51

Voting bans in the syndicate

GesRZ 2008, 274

Decision note to OGH 29.11.2007, 1 Ob 130/07k

(Transfer of restricted shares by way of merger), AnwBl 2008, 483

Decision note to OGH 09.03.2006, 6 Ob 166/05p

Fiduciary duty of founders), AnwBl 2008, 10
Saurer / Plankensteiner

Squeeze-out at Bank Austria Kreditanstalt AG: Small shareholders sharpen the knife

M&A Review 2007, 291

Decision note to OLG Wien 30.01.2006, 28 R 316/05d

(Wording of a clearance certificate), AnwBl 2007, 452

Special issues of the bond market – wall and option bonds

in the manual Kapitalmarktrecht (2007) Volume 2, 308
Zierler / Jud

The dissolution of the private foundation due to non-achievement or achievement of the foundation’s purpose

NZ 2007/51

The challenge of incongruent coverage

Manz (2006)
Astner / Merdzo

The offsetting position as loan security in a crisis? Some considerations on § 20 (1) 3rd case KO

ÖBA 2006, 497

Doubtful issues in connection with the issue and servicing of convertible bonds

RdW 2005, 274

Basic information on the issue of convertible bonds

RdW 2005, 140

The liability of the auditors of associations

RFG 2005/31

Checklist: Founding an association according to the Associations Law

RFG 2005/26

Atypical financing services in the EKEG

in Kalss/Rüffler (ed.), Eigenkapitalersatz im österreichischen, italienischen und slowenischen Recht (2004) 135

The classification of a GmbH in the ESA 95

RFG 2004/24

On the taxable scope of a non-profit corporation

ÖStZ 2004/4

Need for action by the supervisory board in the event of misuse of insider information by a member of the management board?

Ecolex 2003, 736
Zierler / Schummer

Preparatory actions for future competitive activities as a violation iSd § 24 GmbHG

GesRZ 2003, 264
Zierler / Jud

On the Scope of Majority-Rule Provisions in the Articles of Association of Corporations

NZ 2003, 129

Accounting and auditing standards for associations

RFG 2003/35
Zierler / Eixelsberger

On the appointment of the Executive Board to the committee of a co-determined Supervisory Board

GesRZ 2003, 9

The special audit under stock corporation law and the assertion of claims for compensation.

in FS-Wundsam (2003) 567

Mandatory offer also without existence of one of the elements of control pursuant to the 1st Ordinance on Takeover bids?

RdW 2002, 706

The new Issuer Compliance Regulation – ECV

RWZ 2002, 165

Decision note to OGH 26.06.2001, 1 Ob 290/00d

(Book note, security recession as a case of deposit restitution), AnwBl 2002, 253

Note to OGH 11.11.1999, 6 Ob 4/99b – Downstream-Merger

Österreichisches Anwaltsblatt, AnwBl 2001, 78
Saurer / Jud

On the acquisition of own participation capital by a joint stock bank

Zeitschrift für das gesamte Bank- und Börsenwesen, ÖBA 1998, 169

Security deposits in favor of a shareholder, critical remarks on OGH 4 Ob 2078/96 h

RdW 1998, 593
Saurer / Jud

Bank contribution only permissible against issue of new shares?

NZ 1997, 4
Saurer / Jud

Own shares in the EU-GesRÄG, do §§ 51 para. 2 and 66 AktG as amended by the EU-GesRÄG cover all majority-owned companies?

RdW 1996, 252

The Prohibited Return of Contributions in the Downstream Merger – A Replication to Aman, Down Stream Fusion.

RdW 1996, 155

Limits under stock corporation law for Downstream-Mergers

NZ 1995, 169

Leveraged Management Buy-Out – Eine fallbezogene Analyse aus aktien-, handelsbilanz- und steuerrechtlicher Sicht

(1995), Walther Kastner Anerkennungspreis 1996, Hauptpreis des Rudolf Sallinger Fonds 1996
Tscherner / Kaspar

Fighting social dumping – but with the right means

Rechtspanorama DiePresse print edition from 25.01.2021 (to VfGH 07.10.2020, G 227/2020 & EuGH C-2019/20)
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The Aarhus Convention

in G. Eisenberger/Bayer (ed.), Die Aarhus-Konvention (Linde 2020) co-author in chapter B & D

Fault in the public liability law?

A con, Die Presse, Rechtspanorama, 19.09.2020

Innovations in dealing with contaminated sites due to the expected reform of the Act on the Remediation of Contaminated Sites.

Conference Proceedings of the 15th Recy& Depo Tech Conference (2020).

Judgement discussion to the higher regional court vienna 19.06.2019, 3 R 14/19d

TranspR 2020, 170

Rulemaking in consumer protection law

in Möslein (ed.), Regelsetzung im Privatrecht (Mohr Siebeck 2019) 303-329

Claiming payments on account due

Immolex 2020/5: OGH 24.9.2019, 5 Ob 116/19y

Subject program wind energy Styria 2019

Der Steirische Aufsichtsjäger, Autumn 2019, 26.

The Aarhus Convention

in Eisenberger/Dworak/Bayer (ed.), Rechtsmissbrauch und andere Schranken (2018) 71

Guide for company formations in Austria on the topic “Introduction to Austrian Labor law


Demand testing for pharmacies: an (in-)appropriate tool?

RdM 2015, 285


in Freeland/Prassl (Hrsg), Viking, Laval and Beyond (Hart Publishing 2014) 125-138

Can behavioral research advance mandatory law, information duties, standard terms and withdrawal rights?

Austrian Law Journal 2014, 144-155
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Expertise in determining foreign law

in Studiengesellschaft für Wirtschaft und Recht (ed.), Sachverstand im Wirtschaftsrecht (2013) 123-140

The jurisdiction of the posted employee at the temporary place of work

in Clavora/Garber (ed.), Die Rechtsstellung von wirtschaftlich, sozial und gesellschaftlich benachteiligten Personen im europäischen, internationalen und nationalen Zivilverfahrensrecht (2012) 157

European Freedom to Provide Services and Freedom of Establishment and the Fundamental Right to Labor Disputes

in Grimm/Ladler (ed.), EU-Recht im Spannungsverhältnis zu den Herausforderungen im internationalen Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensrecht (2012) 221

The right of appeal of the quasi-party in case of correction of the party name

in Geimer/Schütze/Garber (ed.), Europäische und internationale Dimensionen des Rechts. FS für Daphne-Ariane Simotta (2012) 625

Comment to 6 Ob 104/11d

DRd A 2012, 514

Pracitcal guide to transport law

2nd updated edition, Kitzler Verlag (2012)

Comment to 10 ObS 55/11b

justIT 2011, 217
Ivankovics / Pirker

Styrian Provincial Law III: Special Administrative Law

in Poier/Wieser (ed.), Kinderbetreuungsrecht (2010) 73
Tscherner / Lurger

Incidental Establishment of paternity in child support recourse proceedings. Contrasting Development in Austria and Germany?

JBI 2009, 205

The current labor law in practice

since 2009 co-author of the loose-leaf collection from FVH Forum publishing company

Warning, termination and dismissal

since 2009 co-author of the loose-leaf collection from FVH Forum publishing company

Entscheidungssuche im Europarecht

jusIT 2008/ 69 und 70

Europarecht in den österreichischen Rechtsdatenbanken

jusIT 2008/ 110 und 112