Tax law

We can provide security regarding national taxes, offering sound, legal and tax-efficient solutions for large and small businesses alike.

As cost-conscious experts in national and international tax law, we know exactly how to provide our clients with the maximum of tax benefits.

This is true even for complex transactions like the ideal structuring of corporate acquisitions, reorganising and restructuring, and arranging funds. Furthermore, we provide valuable advice in the areas of private wealth management and tax planning. In addition, our services include due diligence, corporate acquisitions and effective real estate transactions.

As well as our own personal tax experts, we can call upon additional professional support from our network of specialists. Our core team includes an accredited tax advisor and lawyers with solid grounding in business. Our clients can therefore rely completely on our expertise in fiscal and tax matters. We are dedicated to issues of corporation tax, value added tax, property transfer tax, corporate restructuring tax and the law relating to charges.

Finally, we represent our clients before the tax authorities in all questions of tax law, particularly the law on tax offences.

Our services

  • Structuring of corporate acquisitions
  • Advice on reorganisation and restructuring
  • Advice on the arrangement of funds
  • Advice on private wealth management and tax planning
  • Due diligence reviews