Inheritance law

Transfer of assets and well-regulated succession

…managing a business requires a wide range of legal expertise combined with the greatest sensitivity.

Only then can a customised solution be reached – as long experience has taught us.

As a result, we have adapted our methods of personal advice and implementation to fit in with our requirements. The main focus of our work lies in the safeguarding and structuring of family assets. In practical terms we give careful legal planning dependent on individual prerequisites, involving inheritance law, tax law and company law, if required.

Furthermore, we offer legal advice on questions of inheritance law, the establishment and administration of private trusts, and on the handing down of assets and company succession. The concentration of our expertise from different areas makes us the ideal companion, in particular for family businesses and private business owners.


Our services include:


  • Advice on preserving the family’s assets
  • Advice on questions of inheritance law
  • Advice to heirs, persons entitled to a compulsory portion and legatees
  • Drafting of last wills and testaments
  • Advice on and representation in probate proceedings


Contact person

Dr. Guido Held
Managing partner
Office Graz
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Dr. Gottfried Berdnik
Managing partner
Office Graz
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Dr. Robert Miklauschina
Managing partner
Office Vienna
Tel.: +43-50-8060-421
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Mag. Diana Haider
Office Graz
Tel.: +43-50-8060-235
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Dr. Verena Ruß
Office Graz
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