Family law

In fact, no other area of the law requires more empathy and tact. Family matters are nearly always highly sensitive.

After all, family occasions may have legal consequences both pleasant and less pleasant. Such occasions include marriage, the birth of children, the joint purchase of a house and making gifts to family members. They also include obligations arising from bringing up and caring for children, from inevitable separations and the consequences of a death.

Remaining true to our goal of being a reliable companion in all circumstances, we always give our clients the right kind of support. You can expect legal expertise and pragmatic solutions, taking into account your individual needs and wishes.

Although we have your interests at heart, we will not indulge you. Instead, we advise, attend and represent our clients in all aspects of family law. We stand by your side in all the stages of your divorce. And we focus with the same energy on separation, maintenance and custody proceedings.

Through our years in business we have developed an extensive international network of independent experts, tax advisors and colleagues. With this level of support, we transform the sensitive area of family law into a humane and straightforward field.

Our services

  • Advice on the legal consequences of marriage
  • Guidance on the joint purchase of a house
  • Preparation and execution of transfers by way of gifts
  • Legal advice following the death of a family member
  • Comprehensive advice and support in divorce, separation, maintenance and custody proceedings