IT law, Online law und Media law

Is the digital world a borderless world!? The use of Internet has become indispensable for an entrepreneurs’ business to be successful. Considering the seemingly boundless space of the Internet with its many gray zones, a professional contact person is essential.

We can protect you from the hidden pitfalls of the digital world. Our team of experts covers a large spectrum of specialist fields and will provide comprehensive advice and answers to whichever question in the field of IT law, online law and media law.

We will support you in designing a web offer, online shops or apps, while complying with the law and will examine your digital products, services and advertisements for legal admissibility. Moreover, we will optimize the processing of contracts in connection with online shops and formulate general business terms, terms of use and data privacy statements fitting your website.

Our team will support the conception, development and implementation of your ideas and projects. By doing so, we offer profound knowledge, particularly in data protection law, consumer protection law, electronic commerce legislation and media law. Simultaneously, we can provide you with a sector network of successful partners and investors. As a result of years of experience of national and European competition law and intellectual property law, we can protect your know-how and mark and thus secure your competitive edge.

You can count on our professional competence when implementing electronic payment systems or web-based payment processes and offering banking and payment services online. In addition, we will develop future-oriented solutions for the implementation of online corporate financing.

The Internet has made national borders permeable like hardly any other phenomenon. We understand international links within the sector and will share our knowledge and experience with you. Doing so, we work with competent partners within and beyond the European Union.

Our services

  • examination of digital products and services for legal admissibility
  • domain transfers and domain assignment
  • competitive analyses of advertising and advertising strategies
  • protection of know how and trade marks through intellectual property law and competition law (e.g. registering national and international trade marks)
  • preparation and optimization of general business terms, terms of use and data privacy statements
  • enforcement of and defense against claims in connection with data protection law, personal rights and consumer protection law
  • formulation of user contracts and license agreements, as well as maintenance agreements and support contracts
  • implementation of electronic payment systems, including support in acquiring concessions and authorizations
  • online start-up financing and corporate financing (e.g. crowd investing)
  • digital products and virtual currency