Business organisations and company law

As specialists in legal issues related to commercial law, we are particularly skilled at the law of business organisations and company law and this is certainly one of our core areas of Expertise. In all such matters, we are on hand to provide our clients with the benefit of our expertise and valuable experience.

This applies to both small businesses and large groups of companies. We provide legal advice as early as in the process of selecting the legal form of the future enterprise and in establishing the same. With the same degree of meticulousness and passion we provide expertise in the formation and foundation of companies. In addition, we support public companies in all legal matters.

We bring the same level of commitment to complex restructurings and to the structuring of corporate finance. Our experience has shown us the benefits of a close personal relationship and we bring this to bear in our day-to-day consultations. Many family businesses rely on our personal advice.

We are also happy to accompany chairmen, managers and members of supervisory and advisory boards to general meetings to discuss emerging issues of corporate governance. Another special focus of ours is complex corporate structuring and reorganisation.

Our services

  • Advice on the formation and foundation of business organisations
  • Drafting memoranda and articles of association
  • Support at shareholders’ and partners’ meetings
  • Advice to chairpersons, managers and members of supervisory and advisory boards
  • Joint ventures and syndicate contracts
  • Corporate-law due diligence reviews
  • Review of issues regarding directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Mediation in conflicts between shareholders or partners
  • Structuring and implementation of corporate restructurings through mergers, demergers, transformations and contributions
  • Advice on stock option planning and employee participation schemes
  • Corporate governance
  • Advice on legal and business succession
  • Wealth management and estate planning

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